Transport providers geared towards elderly, people with disabilities?

Can the concept of specialised transport providers catering to the elderly and people with disabilities take off here?

The steering committee behind the Enabling Masterplan 2012-2016 believes demand for such transportation will grow with the ageing population but its viability requires further study.

One possible option would be to have a few operators serve the voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs), said steering committee chairman Chua Chin Kiat.

The current model of small vehicle fleets run by VWOs is "not that productive", he said.

"If you ask me if specialised transport operators can take off in Singapore, I think it's possible. I think what's necessary is individual VWOs that have their little fleets need to be able to come to a different business model to be able to integrate services, to get someone to integrate services," he said.

The committee also proposed enhancing public transport infrastructure for the disabled who are able to get around on public buses and trains - the blind, for instance.

It also recommended targeted transport subsidies for those who need them and that public transport operators provide concessions to the disabled.

Source: Today Online


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